For a new or beginning crypto project it's important to get attention and stand out between all those many other crypto projects. It's also very important to grow your community and to create an active community. The crypto community in general is most active on the social media platforms Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

A Telegram Stick Pack will give your community the opportunity to express themselves about the a project or things around the project with Custom Made Telegram Stickers.


The Telegram Sticker Pack is something that the community especially the most active community members really appreciate and this will let your community be more active on Telegram. Also will boost this the project because the community can drop the stickers in all Telegram groups, sometimes a pictures says a thousand words and stickers stand out in Telegram groups were the discussions are very active. This will get the attention and interest of potential new community members and a Sticker Pack will let your community grow quicker.

We have created multiple Sticker Packs among which the Sticker Pack for the project Alchemist Coin $MIST, xToken $XTK, Truebit $TRU and we have create a Gitcoin $GTCChico Crypto ArmySanshu Inu $SANSHU & APY.Finance $APY Sticker Pack.

* The prices for stickers or promotion material depend of the size of the order, currency of payment, how many custom made stickers you order etc. You can contact us for info and to ask questions.

* You can download the Sticker Pack by pressing on the logo's of the projects!


* these prices are for custom made stickers, the prices of a bundle drop when stickers can be added that are already created by the project self or the community.

truebit black round.png
api finance 6.png
sanshu inu.png


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